Objective Coding (Objective)

What is Objective Coding?

Document review can be amongst the most labour-intensive and expensive aspects of the discovery process. Law In Order assists thousands of clients with the document review process through objective coding, which makes document review faster and less expensive. The metadata captured from the documents during the coding process can be uploaded into any review platform and will increase the searchability of documents. Making it easier to identify documents during review.

With Coding Specialists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Law In Order has the ability to code up to 10,000 documents daily.

Tick-(1).pngEasily search for documents in digital format instead of having to filter through hardcopy materials

Tick-(1).pngAllows for the fast and accurate capturing of metadata, saving you time and money

Tick-(1).pngCaptures standard or customisable fields, making it easy for you to search relevant documents quickly

Tick-(1).pngLaw In Order follows a rigorous Quality Assurance process to ensure all coded documents comply with our guidelines.


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