Technology Assisted Review

What is Technology Assisted Review?

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) saves you time and money by amplifying your review effort and applying your coding choices on a set of documents to the entire population of documents. Also known as predictive coding, TAR combines powerful technology, human expertise and a robust review workflow to allow you to review large document sets accurately and precisely in an efficient, low risk, cost and time effective method.

Tight discovery deadlines?
Large document population?
Limited resources?

The process of Technology Assisted Review relies on a subject matter expert reviewing tranches of documents in the initial phase.  After each tranche of documents is reviewed, the coding is applied to conceptually similar documents throughout the dataset. Ensuring clarity in process, reporting is provided after each round and any discrepancies in coding are highlighted and addressed.  After each round, the coding assisted designations are refined as more of your coding decisions are considered in the coding of documents. This iterative process of code, review and report continues until the reviewer agrees with the technology applied coding designations.
While the process requires more upfront consideration than a standard linear review, the process can drastically reduce the amount of time to complete a document review.

Click here to read a case study on Technology Assisted Review.

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