Early Case Assessment

What is Early Case Assessment?

Early Case Assessment or ECA within the eDiscovery space commonly refers to the process of estimating risk prior to involvement in a legal matter through the initial evaluation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

It is when confronted with large datasets that ECA comes into its own by providing a low cost and efficient  means of coming to terms with information that may provide a quicker understanding of the scope and risks of any given matter. Visual summary reports will provide an overall picture of the data as well as analysis of trends such as date and email volume by domain.  This information can be used to easily determine an area to focus on.

Our ECA solution is used to save legal, government and corporate industries time and money by providing a high level view of clients data. It allows forensic units, lawyers and litigation support teams to analyse data, provide an early case assessment, a total case assessment and a first pass review of any size data set.


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