eDiscovery (Electronic Discovery)

What is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery or electronic discovery, refers to the process of collecting and processing electronic material for the use in litigation. Collection can be as simple as seeking a USB that contains data or more complex processing of forensically acquiring data from a company's entire network. The primary function of eDiscovery is to organise data to ensure that the litigation review process runs accurately and efficiently.

No matter how many documents you need to review, or how tight your deadlines are, we can help. 

Law In Order offers a flexible, scalable eDiscovery service that empowers clients to reduce the time, cost and scope of discoveries.  Lawyers rely on our team of experienced consultants to overcome their discovery challenges. 

Our online document review solutions let you stay in control of information by combining collaborative tools with powerful search techniques to help the litigation process run smoothly. 

Our team of eDiscovery experts are here to assist and advise you throughout the eDiscovery process.

  • Maximise your chances of success while you keep costs down
  • Reduce risk associated with identifying, collecting, and analysing electronic data
  • Easily and effectively present electronic evidence in court-approved formats       
  • All formats catered for - Relativity, Nuix Discover and Concordance
  • All stages catered for - forensic analysis to evidence presentation

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