Digital Forensics

Forensic Data Collection, Investigation and Audit


Lack In-House Resources to Get the Job Done Effectively?

Our team of highly experienced, global forensic experts utilise world-class technology to help you scale up and get the job done right.

Effectively identifying and preserving data and documents to meet demands can be difficult.

The volume of time and resources necessary to respond can put significant pressure on any organisation.

Why Law In Order?

Data collection services across a wide range of data sources and devices, using industry leading forensic software.

We meet all regulatory requirements and use standard collection methodologies and chain of custody guidelines.

Specialised technical knowledge from experience with fraud investigations, criminal offences, IP / identity thefts, employee misconducts, litigation and arbitration.

Experience with law enforcement, government agencies and the private sector.


Experience with matters of all sizes including cross-border eDiscovery matters involving multiple complex data sources.

Ability to support our clients on a global scale across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas.


Added Services

Our team can:

Tick.pngConduct in-depth analysis of the acquired data.

Tick-(1).pngHelp identify how electronic evidence can support your investigation.

Tick-(2).pngProvide affidavits of the work we perform or act as an independent expert.


Data Collection Process

The data collection processes we use can be scaled to the needs of the matter.

In addition, we are able to assist organisations with the development of a forensics collection work flow, collection auditing and staff augmentation needs as it relates to collections.

Assisted self-collection using preconfigured devices (to collect certain folders, files types, etc.) and other remote collection services are also available as needed.

Types of forensic acquisitions include:

Tick-(3).pngHard drive and loose media (i.e. PC’s, Apple computers, Laptops, USB drives etc.)

Tick-(4).pngPortable devices (i.e. Mobile phones, Tablets, GPS, Drones etc.)

Tick-(5).pngNetwork (i.e. File Servers, Logical file locations)

Tick-(6).pngArchived media collections (Backup Tapes)

Tick-(7).pngCloud based repositories (i.e. Gmail, Office 365 etc.)


Special Services – Dawn Raids

How can your company prepare for a dawn raid? Not sure who to trust?

If officers and agents of law enforcement agencies arrive at your company’s premises early one morning, they will require immediate access to corporate file servers, local computer files, electronic storage devices, mobile devices, file cabinets, work rooms and even trash cans. We know the high risks and high stakes involved. We utilise rigorous safety protocol to protect your sensitive data.

What do you do when it happens? We can help.

Before the raid

  • getting a grasp on how your company will respond is essential. We will help with establishing a pre-established response team, to drafting an internal email alert and developing a communication strategy.

During the raid – we can assist with:

  • the role of counsel and the response team during the raid, including monitoring authorities and creating records of items seized;
  • documenting all actions taken by the authorities;
  • collating a list of documents and data inspected; and
  • assist counsel in identifying privileged or confidential documents within the set of documents subject to privileged or confidential review.

After the raid

  • we can guide you through the actions taken post raid, including an assessment of whether an internal investigation is required to limit company liability.


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