eTrials and eArbitrations

What are eTrials and eArbitrations?

Law In Order offers everything you need to run a smooth and efficient eArbitration. Whether you are setting up a temporary electronic hearing room, running a case remotely or simply presenting electronic evidence, Law In Order’s eTrial and eArbitration services can help you save costs.

Our eTrial and eArbitration services utilise the latest technology which is simple to use and extremely effective at presenting evidence.  Traditional paper based arbitrations require a high degree of manual preparation and cannot offer the same level of speed and efficiency during proceedings. Electronic arbitration hearings are becoming more commonplace.

In many jurisdictions and countries, the court encourages the use of technology to support the efficient hearing of proceedings.

Law In Order have a permanent team of staff comprising of lawyers, paralegals, senior IT professionals, legal consultants and project managers who are familiar with hearing rooms and have a great depth of knowledge around the use of technology. We design and deploy customised solutions to meet the requirements of the hearing using the appropriate technology.

Our success is attributed to our rigorous protocols, security, uncompromised quality and our commitment to customer service. In return, Law In Order has a loyal client base consisting of some of the largest law firms, companies and government agencies who entrust Law In Order with highly sensitive and confidential information.

Why Law In Order?

-    Reliable and up to date security systems
-    Evaluated and rated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
-    Staff have Department of Defence Baseline security clearance

-    Dedicated and permanent eArbitration team
-    Consistent arbitration and trial work in Australia
-    400 days of trials in Australia over the last 2 years

-    Best of breed solutions
-    Simple to use software which is extremely effective at presenting evidence

Our Services
-    Project Management and Evidence Management Support
-    eArbitration Protocol
-    Electronic Evidence Presentation
-    Online Hearing Book
-    Real-time Transcription
-    Remote Witness Video Conferencing
-    Live Web Streaming

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