Robyn Kidd

Global Head of Managed Document Review and General Counsel

Robyn is the Global Head of Managed Document Review and General Counsel at Law In Order.

Robyn currently heads a team of over 80 reviewers based in India. During her 10 year practice as a construction litigation lawyer in Australia, Robyn found herself being drawn to large scale legal review projects and eDiscovery. As a result, she made the decision to change careers in order to assist lawyers run their document review projects more smoothly and efficiently using legal technology. Robyn’s strength is bridging the disconnect between the language lawyers use, the questions they ask and the technology available. Robyn’s legal training gives her the ability to translate between the legalese and legal tech.

One of the biggest positives of using legal technology that Robyn advocates is freeing lawyers from repetitive, low-level work like document review. This aligns with the increasing awareness of the high level of burn-out and depression in the legal profession. Utilising managed document review allows lawyers to focus on the high-level work they were trained for. MDR supports their mental health by giving them the more meaningful work that they are motivated by and this encourages growth.  Due to the link between repetitive work and burn-out, lawyers' mental health has become a true passion project for Robyn and she often presents to our clients and industry groups on the subject.